Recruitment notice of Chongqing No.1 Secondary School
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I. About Chongqing No.1 Secondary School
Chongqing No.1 Secondary School,is the earliest modern public middle school in Chongqing as well as among the first key middle schools
directly under the administration of  Chongqing Municipal Education Committee. Established in 1931, it started cultivating the talents
against the background of wartime, such as Zhou Enlai, Guo Moruo, Ma Yinchu, Yan Yangchu, Pan Shu, Tian Han and others. Deng Ken,
the brother of Deng Xiaoping, served as its principal. Since the reform and opening up in China, it has cultivated 15 provincial and 
municipal GaoKao(college entrance examination) champions, of which in 2008 and 2016, champion of liberal arts and champion of
science were both from Chongqing No.1 Secondary School.

II. About Chongqing No.1 Secondary School-International Branch
The international branch aims to cultivate the talents with a board international perspective and patriotic feeling.
In here, you will get:

Outstanding Students
Students will be strictly selected by two standards, ZhongKao (high school entrance examination) and another-round interview with
examinations to ensure students have the ability of achieving international academic study.

Qualified Faculty Members
The school boasts an innovative teaching model which is led by qualified professionals from universities and is enhanced by excellent
teachers from the Chongqing No.1 Secondary School.

Comprehensive Course System
The course system is mainly composed of the course systems of American universities, taking into account the course systems of
first-class universities in Europe and Australia.

Picturesque Campus
One of the school’s most acclaimed features is its picturesque campus. Besides the elegant Lotus Pond and Fenghua Road within the
campus, Xiangjia Academy, which has a history of 500 years, offers a deep humanistic heritage to students.

III. Job Requirements
- Bachelor’s degree or higher in the first-class foreign universities ( the ranking of universities or majors should be at least top 50)
- High scores in TOEFL/IELTS (110/7.5) are given priority
- Winning first prizes in domestic or international competitions is given priority

Welcome you to join us!

You can send your resume to E-mail:, or visit our campus at Chongqing No.1 Secondary School, Shanan
Street No.2, Shapingba District, Chongqing, China.
In your resume, please provide:
- your personal information, such as your gender, birth, telephone number, e-mail,ID number, etc.
- TOEFL/IELTS scores;
- study experience from your senior high school;
- work experience;
- additional information you would like to present
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